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The nutrition school I graduated from ha


The nutrition school I graduated from has something special.To celebrate the season of giving, I’ve got a very special gift for you to share: You can save up to $1,500 off the cost of enrollment!You’ll recieve $1,000 off, plus an additional $500 if you pay in full.
call in at (877) 733-1520 mention the Black Friday savings offer and my name Misia Denea. you can email me also

FULL SCHOLARSHIP! The Nutrition School I


FULL SCHOLARSHIP! The Nutrition School I graduated from is offering full rides!
Are you ready to transform your mind, body and career with a world-class education that supports you on every level? I made the choice to enroll in December 2009 and couldn’t be happier with the decision I made. The school is distance learning based, which means you do everything via online learning and you decide how much time you want to devote to the curriculum.

If it’s important to you to…
•make healthier food and lifestyle choices
•grow a meaningful business that fits your values
•make a positive difference on a global scale

Then you owe it to yourself to give the Institute for Integrative Nutrition a closer look.

Since 1992, Integrative Nutrition has been the cutting-edge leader in holistic nutrition education. As the largest nutrition school in the world, IIN educates and transforms the lives of their students with the world’s foremost experts in nutrition and wellness like Andrew Weil, MD, Arthur Agatston, MD, Barry Sears, PhD, Mark Hyman, MD and Geneen Roth, and many more leading experts in heath and nutrition.

The IIN curriculum teaches a wide variety of skills in health coaching, nutrition education, business management and healthy lifestyle choices. As a student, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the major dietary theories from Ayurveda to The Zone. Plus how to combine traditional nutrition philosophies with the most current health concepts -all while guiding your clients toward the healthiest life choices for them.

This school has helped me sustain my health in a vibrant way!

If you are interested in learning more about IIN and the FREE scholarship, please email me at

Cheers to your health!