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$1500 off the cost of enrollment!! If yo


$1500 off the cost of enrollment!! If you are planning to start a new career in 2013 or you simply want to learn about holistic health check out the Institute for Integrative Nutrition visit You can reach admissions representatives this week at (877) 733-1520 and mention Misia Denea or you can email me

My grandmother transitioned due to compl


My grandmother transitioned due to complications related to lymphoma in 2009. I am leading a special webinar tomorrow that examines how food and holistic living to prevent cancer. Landry Fuller is leading the webinar with me lost her mother to ovarian cancer. Landry completed the Nutrition & Cancer program at Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. This is not to be missed!

My school has an offer. $1,500 off when


My school has an offer. $1,500 off when you enroll at Integrative Nutrition by today AND they will donate $100 to the charity of their choice AND receive a free holiday survival guide! call 877-733-1520 to receive this special offer and my name Misia Denea
I can offer $500 off to anyone who wants to attend the school if they enroll by 12/20/2012