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MISIA’s YOGA VIDEO I am shooting a vide


I am shooting a video with a professional videographer on Monday 9/30/13 1:30pm and 6:30pm If you would like to be in the video, let me know ASAP. I just need a couple people. You’d be practicing yoga and i’d be assisting you in certain poses.If you are interested PM me let me know and i will send you details.

“Do you know that trees talk? Well, the


“Do you know that trees talk? Well, they do. They talk to each other, and they’ll talk to you, if you will listen. Trouble is, white people don’t listen. They never listened to the Indians, and so I don’t suppose they’ll listen to the other voices in nature. But I have learned a lot from trees, sometimes about the weather, sometimes about animals, sometimes about the Great Spirit.”