[$MONEY$] $450 away from my goal of $3,0


$450 away from my goal of $3,000 by 12 midnight TONIGHT PST December 5th. YAY! Time is of the essence. Beyonce would be so proud of me!!!
( VIDEO link is here >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQjT4xlCZ88&feature=youtu.be ) WE CAN DO IT!!!!! My healing arts project is to edit/publish a NEW BOOK “FULL MOON & FULL FIGURED: Enjoying Yoga While Sumptuously Shapely”. Fundraising will also go towards establishing a unique Yoga Teacher Training Program (launching late 2014) for Low-Income Individuals who are Survivors of Sexual Violence and those who have developed Disordered Eating Habits as a Result of Sexual Violence DONATE HERE >> >> http://ow.ly/qGuhq ( it takes 2 minutes to make your contribution using e-check, debit, credit or paypal) There is no Donation too big or small every dollar count$! Thank you for all you have donated! Folks have donated anywhere from $1 to $250. Whatever works best for you and your wallet. I have NO DOUBT that I will be fully funded for this project by this weekend… with the grace, support and generosity of my COMMUNITY! I believe in the POWER OF MY MESSAGE!

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