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Weight Lifting & Pilates does a Woman Good!


Perception is Reality-Black Women are Beautiful



Want a Sexy toned body?

Far too long weight lifting has adopted the stigma for women that they will bulk up and look like a man. That belief is far from the truth, so far that women should adopt the belief that not lifting weights will deprive their bodies from looking the best, unless, you were born tight and toned!

The benefits of weight lifting according to the Les Mills, who releases several toning and fat burning exercise classes, including: body pump-my favorite, body combat, spinning, body step, and body attack, reports that weight lifting lifts, tones, increases endurance, but never bulks

Women who lift weights are not capable physically or genetically to produce the bulky muscles we see in men who lift weights. Without the supplements of chemically engineered protein or testosterone, women simply can’t bulk up! We can tone, which gives the body a natural…

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